Homelive | Indian IPTV 12 Month


Homelive IPTV : Indian / Pakistan / Bangladesh / Telugu / Hindi IPTV
Devices Supported: All Android TV Box , Phone dan Android Emulator

Key Features:

1. Support Android 4.0 or later version
2. Plug & Play. Require internet connection
3. New channels are updated online automatically.
4. Channel switch time: 3-5 sec.
5. Bandwidth required:

  • SD channel: ≥ 2Mbit,
  • HD channel: ≥ 4Mbit

6. Live TV channel resolution: 720p -1080p

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Homelive is an IPTV application that let you watch Live and Playback all the shows with internet network connection. The channel include 350+ live tv channel and video on demand movie.
Indian IPTV Channels picture5

Channels including from Indian, Punjabi, Pakistan, Bangladesh and few international channel. For VOD movie it content New movie, Indian drama, Pakistan drama, Talk Shows, Hindi, Punjabi, Dubbed movie, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, Pakistan and few old movies.

Indian Channels picture3

Homelive and VOD Gold provides more stability, high-definition and affordable service to customer. The best thing about this IPTV compare to the rest of application due to crystal clear video quality and smooth and dynamic stability.

Indian Channels Picture2

Full channel list for this application can be see on the table below, or you can download in excel sheet here for detail list.

How to get and use Home Live + Vod Gold Application

You can get the apps from the download button below. Download and transfer it to your device. Homelive for Live TV and Vod Gold for Movie and TV Show.

HomeLive IPTV : http://bit.ly/2BYOy34

Step 1: Download the HomeLive and HomeVod application.

Step 2: Click and install the application 

Step 3: After Installation and Verifikasi, you will require to input User / Password.

Step 4: Make the payment for 12 month subscription.

Step 5: After the payment, you will get User / Password, insert it on the application and can start watching both application.

HOMEVOD Hindi.jpg

Step 6: Wrong Screen Display : Press Menu key, Menu –> switch the display mode until it works well
Step 7: Screen Blank @ No Video | Press Menu key, Menu –> Decode: switch the decode mode until it works well.

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