Every Android smartphone user surely has checked the Google Play Store many times for useful apps. The problem is that the number of applications in the store is so large that it is a very difficult task to figure out which of them deserves attention. Today we will try to facilitate the task by presenting our rating, which contains the best apps for Android in 2019.

1.      Badoo

We start with Badoo that is included in the rating of the best European dating sites. It is a unique opportunity to meet and chat with friends in the social network on Android. The app can search for people near your current location using geolocation. You can see who is on the street nearby, in the same building, club or cafe, view their profiles and photos, and write to them asking to go out.

2.   VSCO

VSCO is one of the best photo processing apps you can download on your smartphone. The program interface is simple and concise, so you can understand all the functionality in a few minutes. With VSCO, you can edit photos using a variety of tools presented, apply filters on them or use the application as a camera.

3.      TripAdvisor

This app allows you to read reviews and photos of visitors to hotels and restaurants. It also shows prices, so you can choose the institution that best suits your budget. Restaurants can be sorted by food type, price range and rating of visitors. In addition, there is a display of interesting locations around you. So, coming to another country with TripAdvisor, you will not miss an important tourist attraction.

4.      CoinKeeper

If you are looking for an application with which you can control your finances, then CoinKeeper is what you need. The application is one of the first in its segment. Therefore, the developer has long read comments and released regular updates that improve the software. A distinctive feature is the ability to control the app with gestures.

5.      ShareTheMeal

This is a charitable mobile app to help starving children from third world countries. The app gives everyone the opportunity to participate in the World Food Program in one touch.

6.      LingoDeer

With its help, you can learn a foreign language. But unlike other similar applications, this is not intended for learning English, German or French languages. In recent years, interest in Asian countries has increased, respectively, the demand for learning its languages too. Therefore, LingoDeer is a mobile application for learning Korean, Japanese, and Chinese.

7.      Trello

With it, you can create tasks for yourself and for a whole group of people. It can be colleagues, friends, and family members. In collaborative projects, people can leave comments, attach files from Google Drive and Dropbox, and share photos and videos. In addition, everyone can synchronise notes in Trello with their calendars.

8.  Runtastic Results

Sports application Runtastic Results has collected exercises for all occasions. There are exercises for weight loss, strength and cardio loads, and much more. You can work with Runtastic Results both at home and in the gym.

9.      Wallet

Thanks to the app, huge wallets are a thing of the past. You can deposit your discount cards in it and forget about a lot of plastic in your wallets. The number of partner stores of this application is expanding daily, and the number of downloads has already exceeded 5,000,000.

10.  Clean master

This is the most popular application for a cleaning system on Android. The clear interface makes it the leader of its segment. Its own system for searching and removing unnecessary things in a smartphone makes this application quite popular.

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